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    Pastor Adenigbagbe Paul

    I’m glad to have to be reached with this article. I will ensure I use the information to help others. Well done!

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    Anya Chuku

    Warning signs of suicide may include:
    Preoccupation with death (e.g., recurring themes of death or self-destruction in artwork or written assignments
    Intense sadness and/or hopelessness
    Not caring about activities that used to matter
    Social withdrawal from family, friends, sports, social activities
    Substance abuse
    Sleep disturbance (either not sleeping or staying awake all night)
    Giving away possessions
    Risky behavior
    Lack of energy
    Inability to think clearly/concentration problems
    Declining school performance/increased absences from school
    Increased irritability
    Changes in appetite etc.

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    Chidiebere Okite


    Suicide is a voluntary and intentional taking of one’s own life leading to death.

    +It has become a serious concern considering the number of both attempted suicide and completed suicide world over. More women attempt suicide more than men, but more men complete the suicide process. In recent times, a lot of young people have been involved.


    # Every human being was created by God. Thus, you don’t own your life and you do not have the right to take the life that is not your own.

    # Thus, suicide is a direct rejection of God’s ownership and right over your life. It is a sin against God.

    # God’s plan is to give everyone LIFE, but Satan has come to steal, to kill and to destroy, John 10:10. Thus, Satan is the one that leads people to suicide.

    # The plan of God for all of us is good and He desires to bring us to an expected end.

    The major cause of suicide is depression which could be triggered off by many factors.

    Things that can suggest that one might be tending to suicide:
    1. Excessive sadness or moodiness including mood swings.
    2. Feeling of hopelessness. A deep sense of hopeless about the future.
    3. Sleep problems and disorder.
    4. Sudden calmness after a period of depression or moodiness.
    5. Withdrawal – choosing to be alone and avoiding friends etc
    6. Dangerous and self harmful behavior e.g reckless driving, increased use of alcohol and drugs.


    Medical science, especially psychiatrist have helped a lot of people.

    Care groups and social counseling

    God has offered hope to all humanity through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Faith in Jesus and prayers can deliver us out of every oppressive mood. The yoke of Satan can be broken and set the oppressed free. This will involve counseling and prayers.


    God loves each of us dearly and desires to give us the best. We must have hope as we prayerfully trust God to perfect all that concerns you. Above all, share your burdens with trusted and capable people, especially matured Christians and pastors.

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    Ikechukwu Nkuma California

    Suicide is indeed a very sad phenomenon,the Africa societies at large are yet to embrace the harmful effects or causal factors of suicide. At least one out of seven in Africans families at some point in live has contemplated on suicide.The concept is a very delicate issue because situations that are considered suicidal in one community in another may not be; so the fight against suicide has to be from the root(families) which is the closest tie one can relate to.

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    Good work. Suicide is permanent solution to a temporal problem.

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    Chidiebere Okite


    Depression and suicide works hand in hand. ….Oh!! You don’t know? The two are partners.

    Depression may lead to suicide.
    Suicides are as a result of depression.
    Infact, the major cause of suicides is depression.

    Check on people to know how they feel.
    That piece called Art can be deceitful. Because he/she writes well, speaks well, dresses well, smiles etc… doesn’t mean they’re okay.

    So many of us, our mouths are sharp swords…. It can pierce and cut.
    Please, let us learn to use the right words on people. Right words like: (* It is well with you. * God bless you. * Jesus loves you. * Everything will be fine. ..etc…) and show it in acts, the way you talk and the way you think. Not words like: ( *Go to hell, * God punish you*I hate you * Foolish and useless man/woman…Boy/Girl. etc…)

    Most of the religions,..if not all, teaches love.

    From the christian perspectives, Spiritual Christianity is not enough. Let’s also practice and apply Practical Christianity( e.g You come across someone hungry and in need, is not enough to pray for the person and say God will provide for you. Make yourself an instrument of help for that person….at least for that very moment.)

    Learn to use the right words.
    Don’t be a reason why someone will get depressed, think about or consider suicide.

    #Show love in the way you talk. Use the right and kind words.

    #Show love in the way you think.

    #Show love in the way you Act.

    #Show more care… Show more love….no matter the cause and cost.

    Don’t be the reason someone will consider suicide.

    * Depression is REAL.
    * Suicide is REAL.


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    Dr. Ngozi Oguike

    I’ve actually imagined that NIGERIA had one of the lowest rates of suicide until this year when my son drew my attention to the rising cases in the past few years. This is a real challenge to our future as a nation.
    Where I teach, it is mandatory to complete a suicide prevention training annually. This is very helpful so we’re able to deescalate stressful situations and help youth and families to manage situations that could otherwise lead to suicide and other depressing events.
    Perhaps, Nigerian schools, colleges and universities could focus more on social emotional learning (SEL)..
    Thanks again for an insightful article.


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